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Welcome to your own vocabulary trainer! This page provides you a frame for your own content, you can learn what you want! Just create a simple file while you are practicing and afterwards you can repeat it here with no effort!

Upload Own File

If you have already a suitable file, you can upload it here and directly practice your own content!

Please select the Operating System / Encoding on which you created the file.

How to Create a File

This is quite easy! Just create a file, the name and file extension does not matter. It is important that it is a plain text file. If you are not an expert in such things, just use the standard text editor in Windows or Mac. When using Mac you need to set it to plain mode this can be done by clicking on Format and then Make Plain Text.

The Content of the file needs to look like this: example

The first word in each line is the vocabel you want to learn. The other words, after the first, are possible translations. You need at least one translation.

Use Existing File

Don't want to create an own CSV file? No problem here are some you can try out!

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